18 oktober 2009

Open Circuit Crew(s) @ Kc België

15,16,17th of October the nice people over @ Kc België organised an open circuit event with workshops , video art, installations and performances.
We did 4 workshops in circuit bending and brother Rottchild took on a bunch of very talented students in design and new media to develop visuals for our live chiptune show at the end of the whole event.
Jim, Wout, Danny, Tom, Peter, Ruud and Olivier did a great job!

The workshops circuit bending were, as always, pure childhoodian fun and a menace to your ears and brain! Some students had great results combining LED's and LDR's on their toys, others just took everything apart and left it for dead.....

On saturday students from PHL music performed together on their bent stuff and we joined in for some impro schmimpro style.
The guys over at Rottchild's workshop did awesome stuff with their Arduino's and some oldskool CRT monitor's , starting from Little Scale's tutorial on hacking vga lines they made very cool and colorfull 8 bit visuals that react on midi or audio signals! Amazing stuff...
For Our Liveshow we used 3 Commodore 64's, A hacked Atari 2600, Two Gameboys, a Theremin and a bunch of hacked toys. Add crazy sound driven visuals and the fun never stops!

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